Foundry Flights Aerial Ash Dispersal Service

Aerial Ash Dispersal Service

We provide Aerial Ash Dispersals throughout

 The Pacific Northwest for a suggested donation.  

Our service area includes Northern California, Washington, Idaho and Northern Nevada.

We can coordinate with loved ones on the ground, so they will be able to witness the 

dispersal as it happens.

Each Dispersal Flight comes with a Certificate detailing and recording the flight.  

Pictures and video of the flight and dispersal

 are also available.

Suggested Donations for Aerial Ash Dispersals

Aerial Ash Dispersal Video

An example of the video you can request with each dispersal.

Ash Dispersal Authorization Form

Please feel free to download this form for an Aerial Ash Dispersal.



Are passengers allowed to go along on the dispersal flight?

We're sorry, but we do not have room for passengers to come along on dispersal flights.  We currently have a 4 seat airplane and take a crew of three with us including Pilot, Co-Pilot and Photographer.  During the actual Dispersal, there is quite a bit of moving objects and people around the cockpit, so we quickly become short on room.

Can I mail my loved one's cremains to you? 

Yes.  We can receive the delivery of your loved one's cremated remains by sending them to our address.

The USPS has also created an informational flyer, called 

"How to Package and Ship Cremated Remains

that can assist you.

Do I have to go through a Funeral Home or Director to arrange a dispersal?

No.  While we do receive requests from Funeral Homes and Directors to perform dispersals, you may contact us directly to arrange a dispersal.

Can you disperse more than person's cremains during a flight?

Yes we can.  Please contact us to discuss options and what the suggested donation would be.

Can I keep a portion of my loved one's cremains?

Yes.  We have had other families which have kept a portion of their loved one's cremains to have memorialized in a keepsake.  

If you would like assistance in knowing what options are available for a keepsake, please contact us and we can make a recommendation.

Is it possible to view the dispersal from the ground?

Yes.  We can coordinate a time and place with you for you and your family to be able to watch the dispersal from the ground.  We will then fly over at the designated time and location to perform the dispersal.  

We will also try to be in communication with you by text message (if possible) to keep you updated on our location and when we are actually starting the dispersal.